Summer News and Insight Retreats in the Area

June Retreat News

Summer is almost ending and we wanted to give a quick update and a heads up for some local retreats happening soon. The TCVC summer retreat with Kamala Masters and Bonnie Duran was wonderful – the summer trees, animals, storms, and lake (as well as the awesome Koinonia staff!) supported our retreat as we were skillfully guided through the dhamma by Kamala and Bonnie. At the end of the retreat, Kamala presented TCVC with a gift of the recently published Manual of Insight written by one of her teachers, Mahasi Sayadaw. As said on the Widsom Publications website,  “Manual of Insight is the magnum opus of Mahasi Sayadaw, one of the originators of the Vipassana movement that has swept through the Buddhist world over the last century. The manual presents a comprehensive overview of the practice of insight meditation, including the foundational aspects of ethical self-discipline, understanding the philosophical framework for the practice, and developing basic concentration and mindfulness. It culminates with an in-depth exploration of the various types of insight and spiritual fruits that the practice yields.”

We were filled with joy at this gracious gift (accepted here by board member Naomi Baer) as well as the teachings Kamala and Bonnie offered to us throughout the week, and we already are looking forward to our winter retreat with Rebecca Bradshaw and Chas DiCapua!

2016 Kamala Offering Book
2016 Kamala Gift – Photo by Vanee Songsiridej

Other (non-TCVC) Retreats in the Midwest

Acceptance and Compassion
Practicing with Life’s Milestones & Challenges

Fall Retreat: October 13th, 2016 to October 16th, 2016
With Santikaro Upasaka
Sponsored by Insight Chicago Meditation Community

11:00AM Thursday, October 13th 2016 – 12:00PM Sunday, October 16th 2016

Seven Day Vipassana Retreat (with 2-day Option)

Spring Retreat: May 5th, 2017 to May 12, 2017
Two day option from May 5th to May 7th
With Rebecca Bradshaw and Candace Cassin
Sponsored by Yellow Springs Dharma Center

For any questions, or additional information, please read the 2017 Yellow Springs vipassana retreat flyer here or contact the Yellow Springs Dharma Center Retreat Committee at